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Why Do Not I Lose Weight?

You may be able to lose a lot of weight initially without much effort. However, weight loss may slow or stop completely after a while.

This article lists the most important reasons that prevent you from losing weight.

It also contains actionable tips on how to break through the plateau and get things moving again.

In this article, we will learn about the most important reasons that prevent you from losing weight, so follow me

1- You may lose weight without realizing it

It’s incredibly common for the scale to not budge for a few days (or weeks) at first. This does not mean that you do not lose fat.

Body weight tends to fluctuate by a few pounds. It depends on the foods you eat, and hormones can also have a big impact on how much water your body retains (especially in women).

Also, it is possible to gain muscle at the same time you lose fat. This is especially common if you recently started weight training. This is a good thing because what you really want to lose is body fat, not just weight.

It’s a good idea to use something other than a meter to measure your progress. For example, measure your waist circumference and body fat percentage once a month.

Also, how well you dress and how you look in the mirror can be very influential. Unless your weight has been stuck at the same point for more than 1-2 weeks, you probably don’t need to worry about anything.

2- You do not follow the diet to lose weight

One of the reasons that prevent you from losing weight is not following a proper diet.

Awareness is very important if you are trying to lose weight. Many people have no idea how much they are really eating. Studies show that if you stick to the right diet, you will lose weight. People who use food diaries or photograph their meals consistently lose more weight than people who do not.

3- You are not eating enough protein

Food which contain protein affect weight loss

Protein is the most important nutrient for losing weight. A protein intake at 25-30% of calories can boost your metabolism by 80-100 calories per day and make you eat several hundreds of calories per day. It can also drastically reduce cravings and cravings for snacks.

This is partly mediated by the protein’s effects on appetite-regulating hormones, such as ghrelin and others. If you eat breakfast, make sure it contains an important amount of protein.

Studies show that those who eat a high-protein breakfast are less hungry and have less cravings throughout the day. Eating a high amount of protein also helps prevent metabolic slowdown, which is a common side effect of weight loss. In addition, it helps prevent weight gain.

4- You eat a lot of calories

A large number of people who find it difficult to lose weight eat a lot of calories.

You might think this doesn’t apply to you, but bear in mind that studies consistently show that people tend to reduce their caloric intake by a significant amount.

If you are not losing weight, you have to weigh your foods and track your calories for a while. Here are some helpful resources:

Calorie Calculator: Use this tool to find out how many calories you should eat. Calorie counting apps:

Here is a list of five free websites and apps that can help you track calories and nutrients. MyFitnessPal app

Lose it app

Fat Secret website

SparkPeople website

5- You don’t eat whole foods

One of the reasons that prevent you from losing weight is that you do not eat whole foods !!

Food quality is just as important as quantity. Eating healthy foods can improve your health and help regulate your appetite.

These foods tend to be more filling than their processed counterparts. Keep in mind that many processed foods labeled “healthy foods” are not really healthy. Stick to one-ingredient foods as much as possible

6- You don’t lift weights

weight lifting helps in weight loss

Another important thing you can do if you want to lose weight is to do some form of resistance training, such as lifting weights. This can help you preserve muscle mass, which often burns with body fat if you don’t exercise. Weightlifting can also help prevent metabolism slowing down and ensure your body stays in shape.

7- You are still eating sugar in large quantities

Sugary drinks are the most weight-gaining food. Not only does this apply to sugary drinks like cola and Pepsi, it also applies to “healthy” drinks like vitamins water, which are also loaded with sugar.

Even fruit juices are a problem and should not be consumed in large quantities. One cup can contain the same amount of sugar as several pieces of whole fruit.

8- You do not sleep well

One of the reasons that prevent you from losing weight is poor sleep. Sleeping well is one of the most important factors for your physical and mental health, as well as your weight. Studies show that lack of sleep is one of the biggest risk factors for obesity. Adults and children with poor sleep have a 55% and 89% risk of developing obesity, respectively.

9- You eat more carbohydrates

If you have a lot of weight to lose or metabolic problems such as type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes you may want to consider a low-carb diet.

In some short-term studies, it has been shown that a low-carb diet causes up to 2-3 times more weight loss than a high-carb diet.

10- You eat alot of fast food

Eating a lot of fast food stops lose weight

Among the reasons preventing you from losing weight is your addiction to fast food. Did you know that about 19.9% of people in North America and Europe meet the criteria for food addiction, people who have this problem use fast food in a similar way to drug addicts. If you are addicted to fast food, try to reduce this addiction by following a healthy diet program, at first it will be difficult for you, but with time you will adapt to this program.

11- You do not not drink enough water

Drinking enough water helps in losing weight

Water can be one of the reasons that prevent you from losing weight. In one 12-week weight loss study, people who drank a pint of water 30 minutes before meals lost 44% more weight than those who did not. Drinking water has also been shown to increase the number of calories burned by 24-30% over a period of 1.5 hours.

12- You don’t do cardio

One of the main reasons preventing you from losing weight is your neglect of cardio exercise. Cardio or cardio training, also known as aerobic exercise, are exercises that increase your heart rate. These include running, cycling, swimming … etc.


Losing weight is not always easy and many factors can stop it. At the most basic level, weight loss failure occurs when the calorie intake is equal to or higher than the total calories burned per day. Try eating strategies, for example designing a complete program of meals for the day while choosing the meals you like. Don’t forget to also eat more protein and exercise. Ultimately changing your weight and lifestyle requires dedication, self-discipline, persistence, and resilience

By Hanan

For many years my man and I have been interested in the aspect of health ,beatuty and healthy reciepes for skin , hair and body so I have decided to creat this blogger and write all about the reciepes and information I have read . Although this aspect has no relation with my qualification as an English teacher , but It is one of my favourite intrests.

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