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Hair care

Hair Is The Secret Of Beauty

Hair is like a crown

Hair is the secret of women’s beauty: It has always been said that women’s hair is like a crown.

So, it is no doubt that it is very imprtant for all women, because of its effct upon their general look.

All women do their bests to look with beautiful hair .

Generally, hair in general contains sebaceous glands that secrete oily substances, the contents of which are poured into the hair sac through achannel connecting it with the root of the hair.

Hair, like the skin, loses its vitality with exhaustion and harsh diet, so it must be preserved.

Hair damage reasons

1- you should reduce the use of chemicals on the hair, such as the frequent use of shampoos, moisturizing preparations, etc. This is due to the fact that they contain harmful and stressful substances for hair.

2- Avoid the use of sharp combs when combing hair. Many beauty and hair experts have advised to use a wide-toothed comb when combing the hair, preferably a wooden comb in order to protect the hair from frizz.

3- Do not combine the hair while it is wet, because if the hair was wet, it can be broken easily.

4 Avoid excessive use of blow dry or any other agent that causes high temperature for hair.

5- Try to avoid using blow dry hair immediately after showering, and allow your hair to dry in a better way.

6- Exaggerated hair straightening or curling.

7- Gently massage the scalp with fingertips while washing hair. This massage helps move blood circulation to the scalp, thus nourishing the scalp and hair together.

8-Washing hair with lukewarm water, because hot water causes damage and brittleness.

9- Bending forward when washing hair to stimulate blood circulation.

10- Avoid applying shampoo directly to the hair, but it is preferable to dilute it with warm water. Avoid keeping hair wrapped after a bath to keep the hair from breaking.

11- Emotional state has a great impact upon the hair. This means being happy and enjoying aggod mood reflects positively on your hair.

Bad Effects

Using hair dryer continuously affects hair badly

These factors lead to hair breakage, dryness, and exposure to hair loss easily.

They also increase the woman’s grief over her hair. This affects the continuity of its fall due to the psychological factor.

Consequently, women go to hair and skin care salons in order to appear better .This depends o using chemicals to individualize the hair.

It increases the factors of its shelling and falling out,, but the solution is to use oils inspired by nature to care for hair in the form of daily or weekly hair mask.

Here you find related information

How does nutrition affect the hair?

Healthy nutrition is the secret of the health and beauty of hair, as it helps its growth strength. .

On the one hand,it maintains its color and gives it a charming shine . German nutritionist Zilke Restmayer explained that protein helps build keratin, the substance that hair is made of.

The dietary sources of protein are meat, lentils, almonds, and pumpkin seeds.

Restmaier added that copper plays a central role in maintaining hair color, and its food sources are grapes, avocados and cashews. Vitamin E keeps scalp and follicles healthy, and its dietary sources are walnuts, olive oil and sunflower oil. Omega-3 fatty acids give the hair an attractive shine and a captivating shine, and its food sources are salmon, herring and chia seeds

Hair recipes :

olive oil is very good for your hair

1- Mix a tablespoon of olive oil with an egg yolk with two tablespoons of castor oil. Pu the mixture on the hair.

Leave it for 45 minutes and wash it with your shampoo.

Cover your hair with a plastic cap

Leave the hair covered overnight, then wash the hair well with water in the morning.

2- Using olive oil alone without adding any other oils . Apply it with massaging, then wash it as usual after 30 -60 minutes.

3- Massage it well and gently for a period ranging between five to ten minutes gently, then we cover the hair with a plastic cover for 30 minutes, this process We do it at least once a week.

4-Mix a spoonful of each of the carroot juice, lemon juice, and sesame oil. Apply this mixture on the scalp with massage.

Cover your hair with a plastic cap and leave it for half an hour, then wash it well with lukewarm water.

5- Mix the parsley seeds powder with a cup of water and soak for 12 hours, then massage the scalp regularly and periodically, and you will notice amazing result.

6-Massaging hair strands with coconut oil helps increase hair moisture and makes hair less vulnerable to damage.

7- Use sweet almond oil by warming a little almond oil for a few seconds, then massaging the scalp. Leave the oil overnight and wash with lukewarm water in the morning.

Benefits of hair natural mixtures

1- Restore moisture to hair and keep hair from drying out.

2- Eliminate split ends and roughness of hair. Nourish hair and scalp. Soften hair and prevent hair loss. Lengthening hair. Moisturizing the scalp. Treat dry hair. Hair loss treatment. And restore vitality and activity to hair.

By Hanan

For many years my man and I have been interested in the aspect of health ,beatuty and healthy reciepes for skin , hair and body so I have decided to creat this blogger and write all about the reciepes and information I have read . Although this aspect has no relation with my qualification as an English teacher , but It is one of my favourite intrests.

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