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Black Women Are More Attractive

An attractive balck woman

Black women are more attractive.

Looking at women with white skin and blond hair as the most beautiful has changed.Inspite of the darkness, but the balck skinned women enjoy a spescial kind of attraction.

Black woman are more attractive

This is due to the tendency of men towards brown-skinned women.

A new study has shown that men find brunettes more attractive and intelligent than blondes, in contrast to what was prevalent before.

Recently,the study showed that men may prefer talking to a blonde woman, but they find black women more attractive and intelligent.

The study conducted an experiment on a woman who dyed her hair brown and then blond and red, and they watched how many men watched her.

They found out that men talked to her more when she was blonde but was rated more attractive and smart when her hair was brown.

This result proved the remarkable change in men, as the brunette became more impressive at a time when the importance was given to the blonde several decades ago.

While the study explained the reason for the man’s closeness and his speech to the blonde that he may return to his belief that she will not stop him as much as the brunette, and that it is possible that men They associate blonde hair

Famous sayings about black women

The black woman is charming like the black coffee and chocolate .

You and my brown coffee will return me my relaxed mood.

And life is nothing but my brown sweetheart.

I searched for a homeland of peace, but I did not find a homeland like the face of my brown sweetheart.

Although the complexion of women in Africa is dark, its radiance catches the eye. Here are the most important secrets to obtaining this captivating attraction, as published by Yasmina magazine.

Take Care

And because brown skin has many and many aesthetic features, the most important of which are softness, luster, and resistance to wrinkles and grains to a large extent, care must be continuous, like other skin colors, on correct grounds as follows, according to “your beauty”: –

Make sure to use a good sunscreen, and evenly distribute it on all exposed skin. Increase skin hydration with day and night creams. Drink a lot of water.

Get rid of the accumulated dirt on your face by doing saunas one to two times a week.

Stay away from cosmetics that claim to whiten and lighten the skin because your skin is beautiful as it is.

Get enough sleep and rest. Use cosmetics for brown skin, because the wrong choice of cosmetics harms the skin.

Why do men find the black woman more attractive?

The results of a recent study in Britain indicated that men prefer black women. This may surprise you. However, the study has showed that this is due to several reasons:

1- Diplomacy

Black women can find the best possible solutions to delicate and difficult situations.

This is what makes her gain the praise and admiration from the people who live around her, especially the men.

This also drives others to show their confidence in her abilities, especially as she has a soft, and diplomtic character. This enable her to become the best and most loyal partners.


If you are a brunette, this means that you are more flexible, wise and serious in dealing with various situations, compared to blonde, brown and red women.

You have the ability to use logic to solve problems. So, the man sees you as a suitable companion, especially since you are also romantic and take care of all the people you love.

3- Intelligence

For the reasons we mentioned earlier, men see that black women are smarter than women with white or colored skin.

She has some cunning and sophistication in dealing with events, especially when she faces a problem.

She also has the ability to make successful plans, which may make her a life partner capable of managing home affairs successfully.

In addition, it is functional and very detail-oriented.

4- Distinguished personality

It is common for a black woman to have a mysterious personality that is intrigued by a man.

She knows perfectly, and spontaneously, what the latter wants and does not like, so she seeks to do what he likes most often.

So, she easily grabs his attention. She is very feminine, romantic and confident at the same time, which makes her gain a lot of attraction.

5-The appropriate shape

According to what studies indicated, brown women show more interest in their external appearance than blonde or redheads do.

She exercises, follows the latest fashion and beauty trends .She knows how to show the strengths of her appearance.

She realises that this only requires her to take simple steps: a little blush, a touch of lipstick and another of mascara, noting that the color of her skin gives her limitless magic. .

By Hanan

For many years my man and I have been interested in the aspect of health ,beatuty and healthy reciepes for skin , hair and body so I have decided to creat this blogger and write all about the reciepes and information I have read . Although this aspect has no relation with my qualification as an English teacher , but It is one of my favourite intrests.

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